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Traffic Violations Defense

Traffic violations matter. Simply ignoring them or pleading guilty just to get it over with does not help you. In fact, you can be exposing yourself to serious long-term consequences that affect your rights, both personally and professionally.

At The Law Offices of Susan Deschler, I will work with you individually. Normally, the first order of business is to help you understand that you may actually have legal options beyond simply pleading guilty or innocent.

How I Can Help You

I represent clients throughout the Georgetown, Colorado in a wide variety of traffic violation matters. These matters involve, for instance:

  • Traffic
  • Speeding
  • Commercial motor vehicles
  • Excessive weights
  • Violations of chain law
  • No insurance

When doing so, I make it a point to work closely with you so I understand you, your goals and the unique facts of your case. With that knowledge in mind, I can provide you with legal strategies responsive to your particular circumstances.

You will be able to depend on my seasoned legal judgment to protect your rights. Whether your situation follows a fairly standard pattern or falls into an odd exception, I can advise you wisely as to your next steps.

Whatever the circumstances, I make it a point to examine the evidence in your case to determine whether I can challenge any of it before it even gets put in front of a judge or jury. I will also act on your behalf to negotiate with the prosecutor when it is possible to pursue legal strategies that do not involve simple guilt or innocence.

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