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The Personalized And Experienced Defense You Deserve

Having spent more than 22 years as a lawyer, I understand that legal success depends on a strong attorney-client relationship. For that reason, I provide my criminal defense clients with one-to-one legal representation. As a former Colorado district attorney, I understand exactly how the state approaches its cases.

I can assist you with a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

  • DWAI (driving while ability impaired)
  • DUI (driving under the influence)
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Traffic violations (speeding, no insurance, etc.)
  • Theft

In all those situations, I will help you understand your legal options and which options best serve your individual needs and goals. My approach is part of my overall philosophy: I aim to go the extra mile for you.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Make no mistake about it: If you are facing criminal charges, your rights are at stake. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that if they represent themselves, they can save money while relying on the court and the prosecutor to protect their rights. Unfortunately, when you want your rights protected, you need someone in your corner whose only duty is to protect you. When you hire me as your attorney, I am that person in your corner.

Prepared For A Plea Bargain Or A Trial

I always try to negotiate a favorable plea bargain before pursuing litigation. If necessary, though, I will defend you aggressively in court. Whether you choose to negotiate for a lesser charge or to protect your rights at trial, you will rest easier knowing your choice draws on the seasoned judgment of an experienced legal professional. You will also rest easier knowing you have had an attorney review your case to determine if any gray areas exist or if your case falls under any unique exceptions.

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I practice in the County courts in Grand, Gilpin, Summit and Clear Creek. I also practice in the municipal courts in Black Hawk, Fraser-Winter Park, Grandby, Silverthorne and Idaho Springs. Call my Georgetown law office to schedule an initial complimentary meeting at 303-578-4124. You can also contact my office online. I am licensed to practice in Colorado and Washington State.

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